Building Educational Systems for Inclusion, Innovation, and Equity - Norwood

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Mon May 17, 4:00 PM - Mon Jul 12, 7:00 PM (EDT)

The course will provide educators with flexible opportunities to create more innovative, flexible, equitable classrooms using the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and best practices in blended learning and trauma-informed practices. The core beliefs of UDL center around embracing variability, focusing on “firm goals, flexible means,” and fostering expert learning in students. In order to do this, educators have to identify and minimize the barriers that impact student learning including barriers that are academic, behavioral, and social emotional. And they have to do this in flexible learning landscapes! This course will provide opportunities for educators to reflect on their practice and create wildly important goals to increase the outcomes of learners while supporting student motivation, executive function, and self-regulation. Using UDL and a focus on blended learning, educators will transform tried and true practices with the help of the instructor, colleagues, and their students.

Katie Novak

UDL Expert, President, & Instructor